I wrote a poem and love it

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February 13th, 2017 was the day. I woke up at midnight and felt the urge to write something. My heart was filled with expressions that had to get out. It felt like the expressions were going to cause an explosion if I did not let them out.

So I let the bubbles them out. I picked up my journal and in the 10 minutes that followed, I wrote down the first version of the poem you see below. Enjoy.

I got news for you

It’s not that I love you.

That’s not news to you,

That’s sorta news, overdue


Maybe the news is that I love your hue.

Maybe it’s the view of you.

The glue of me to you.

When we knew we were due

We knew we won’t be subdued


Do call me to hear the news

Cos I can’t wait to hear from you

To care for you

Breakfast in bed for you

Excitement in stock for you

New things to try with you

When I see you in 2

— Uchi

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