Ever wondered how Big Data and AI will affect you personally? Well, you’d get the answer in a moment. We all like good food, cheerful music, engaging company and perfectly-planned events.

Is it possible to use AI to make parties more fun? How about party planning? Can we use AI to make the planning process easier?

How about that delicious Naija party Jollof?

Weddings are one of the parties that almost all of us have attended. In fact, some of us have organized them and we know how stressful planning them can be. They’re fun to attend, though, and we like them. But what about wedding parties?

Weddings are one of the most important parties for the bride, groom and their families and friends. People love weddings and many of us want our weddings to memorable, special.

We like the good food and we can’t wait to dance Shaku shaku when the DJ hits the beats. But wait. What if you can’t even do your Shaku shaku because of the DJ? What if the DJ does not play a beat you dig? Have you ever imagined that AI could influence which DJ is hired to play at a wedding?

How about that delicious Naija party Jollof (sorry my Ghanaian brothers and sisters)? Can AI make or break the taste of that Jollof? What if they hired a roadside mama put that has no experience cooking for big classy events like a wedding? Will the Naija Jollof turn to Ghanaian jollof?

How can AI even help us to choose the right Jollof? The right Shaku shaku DJ? The right venue with good AC? We all know that AC is bae in Nigerian weather.

AI could influence which DJ plays at a wedding

Imagine a bride that is planning a wedding has to drive to multiple wedding dressmakers. She does not know how much they charge or if she can afford any of their dresses. Because she went to one of the top ones like aprilbykunbi, she pays a N20K (~ $70) consultation fee. After the consultation, she finds out that her 150k (~ $470) budget for a wedding dress is nowhere near the N350k (~ $1,100) price of the wedding dresses that the vendor sells. She does this for up to 10 vendors.

In the process, she loses 2 full days, wastes fuel, losses the consultation fees and also does not get a good dress that fits her budget. This happens a lot. It is the reality of many brides.

The brides that have been through this can confirm that it is not easy to plan a wedding. In fact, many brides feel very stressed out and extremely exhausted on their wedding day. Can something be done about this gbese, though?

Imagine this new scenario – AI working with the bride to save the day: A bride tells the AI that she wants to have a white wedding in Abuja, a wedding reception in Lagos and a traditional Naija wedding in Calabar. Three events, three cities, and three dates. Without the AI, how does our bride handle this wahala? Does she travel to all the cities? Does she trust people in all the cities? How does she make each of the events perfect? Luckily, she does not have to do this all alone! She uses AI!

Because the AI that she uses is smart and has gathered, analyzed and ranked millions of data points, the AI tells her what she needs for each of her events and presents her with a complete list of wedding vendors in each event city to make each and every event perfect. She tells the AI her budget and the AI adjusts accordingly to match her budget.

AI adjusts accordingly to match her budget.

She can even remove some vendors and the price adjusts accordingly. She sets things that are important to her and the AI presents only vendors that match those preferences. She then contacts them and they get to work for her. Throughout the process, the AI monitors the performance of the vendors and gives her real-time status updates. This scenario is the ideal wedding planning scenario made possible by a truly brilliant relationship between the bride and our AI. At the end of the day, the bride is happy. She had a say in her wedding planning and was able to customize each and every detail from the comfort of her home.

What you’ve just imagined is not wishful thinking. You are also not daydreaming about your perfect wedding. It is real and it is here to stay.

Lush Plans, the Nigerian wedding planning platform, does this and many more. When it launches, brides and grooms will be able to transform the stress of wedding planning to fulfillment.

They will be able to spend time exploring each other instead of doing less impactful stuff. With the help of AI, AI as an assistant and the couple as the pilot, they will be able to plan their perfect day and live happily ever after.

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