Using VPN when a website, App, or IP is blocked

Mobile network or other parties block access to specific websites, apps, or domains.

How to bypass

On Android:

Download any of the apps below
Psiphon (Free)
Private Internet Access (2 Month Free)
Complete the setting and activate VPN
You will now be able to browse the blocked website or use the blocked apps.

On iOS (iPhones):

On Windows:

On Mac OS:

When there is complete Blackout

A complete blackout happens when all local mobile network operators turn off access to the internet.

All local mobile network operators turn off access to the internet. They go offline, and WIFI and cellular data do not work. Sometimes, even GSM goes offline, especially when off-grid.

How to get connected

There are two scenarios:

One-on-one communication with Friends, Family, and Associates

  1. Bridgefy: Bridgefy enables you to keep in touch with friends without the need for the internet or SMS. You communicate via Bluetooth and with thousands of users over a long distance. Download Bridgefy for Android and iOS.

Offline Social networking

  1. Manyverse: Manyverse is a social network off the grid. Features include posts, threads, likes, profiles, and more, but data is stored on your phone and works offline and online. Download Manyverse for Android and iOS.

Stay connected! #KeepItOn

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