Pause for a second and think. When you hear the phrase Content Creator, what comes to your mind? You’re thinking Instagram Influencer, Vlogger, Travel Photographer, and Blogger. Continue thinking: Developer or Engineer does not come to mind. But are Developers content creators? If they are, what kind of content do Developers create? How can a Developer get started? And how can they earn from the content they create? Let’s answer these questions in the following sections beginning with: Yes, Developers are content Creators.

Developer Content

Open Source contribution

Many developers contribute to open-source projects. Some have started their projects, and they continue to maintain and improve them. As part of the process, they create content like documentation, guides and even speak about their projects are conferences. All this open source content is freely available on the web, and most times, the Maintainers and Contributors do not get paid for their work. How can a Developer Monetize their open source contribution?

Blog posts, Portfolio, and articles

It’s Saturday, and you open your laptop, sit at your desk and start writing about a shiny new technology you just built with. You write the outline and then complete the first draft without standing up. Then you look up. Three hours have passed. You review and rewrite until the article is perfect, but you realize you’ve just spent 5 hours writing a 2,000-word article. You smile and hit publish. And when you look at your post analytics, you see 2,000 reads. That’s satisfying but will earning some money from those reads not be more satisfying? Let me show you how.

Tutorials and code samples

It’s very warm and bright outside, and you have just received your fancy new gears for your programming tutorials. You’ve been doing this for a few months now, and you’re very excited to see the feedback that viewers send to you. Today, you need to look sharp, so you get some facials done. You are super pumped to make a video about W3C standards. You look at the proposed Standard, and you find the proposed Web Monetization standard. Yes! I’ll talk about it, you say. Then you set up. You’ve already spent 4 hours just preparing and setting up your gear. Then shooting starts. After seven retakes, you have the perfect videos. Then it’s time to edit and post. 1 am on Monday, and your video is live! But then you started at 9 am on Sunday, so you’ve spent over 12 hours working on this one. But you shrug because you usually get 3-10k views per tutorial and your comment section is always on fire with great feedback. But then, how can you recover some of the cost of your equipment purchase? And how can you get some payment for your time? Here’s how. enables developers to earn from tutorials enables developers to earn from tutorials

Ok. That’s it! What are you waiting for? Get started at


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