Developers are Content Creators and should earn from their Content

Pause for a second and think. When you hear the phrase Content Creator, what comes to your mind? You’re thinking Instagram Influencer, Vlogger, Travel Photographer, and Blogger. Continue thinking: Developer or Engineer does not come to mind. But are Developers content creators? If they are, what kind of content do Developers create? How can a Developer […]

Doings: Build with Interledger to make it rain

To illustrate how to build with Interledger, I will tell you a story. It’s December 2021, and many Nigerians from the South are back in Nigeria to spend Christmas with family and friends from all over the world. They will attend many scheduled weddings. It’s December 26, 2021, and Obi and Kelechi are getting married. […]

A curriculum to introduce Web Monetization to beginners

Web Monetization and the Passion economy are in their infancy. With Web Monetization and Interlegder, Builders are currently exploring products and solutions that provide fair, transparent, and alternative revenue models for content creators. On the other hand, Content Creators are exploring processes and methods for owning their content, earning revenue, and building a community around […]

How to stay connected during an Internet shutdown with VPN and BLE

Using VPN when a website, App, or IP is blocked Mobile network or other parties block access to specific websites, apps, or domains. How to bypass On Android: Download any of the apps belowPsiphon (Free)Private Internet Access (2 Month Free)Complete the setting and activate VPNYou will now be able to browse the blocked website or use […]

How to make Web monetization easy for content consumers

Journey into Web Monetization Web Monetization is a new Web Services (API) that allows users to stream a small number of micropayments to the website they are looking at via their browser or other web user agent. has all the technical details of the technology for those who are curious. However, this article aims to simplify […]

Digital Identity Systems are not inclusive! We need to change them

The impact of an excellent digital identity on the life and wellbeing of all humans, especially refugees, cannot be overemphasized. Digital Identity can, for example, allow the forcibly displaced to prove their identity to register SIM cards in their own names, access financial services (such as opening a mobile money account), to undertake university courses […]

How to Become a Blockchain Developer

Many people have asked me how I got started with Blockchain, so I will be breaking it down in the post to share some insights for those looking to break into the space. I will share insights and options to help total a beginner become a Blockchain Developer. First, the basics. Bitcoin is not Blockchain Although Bitcoin […]

Make money from Youtube with Web Monetization

Web Monetization enables creators to make money from Youtube, Blogs, and other content. Once you have Web Monetization for Youtube enabled on your Youtube channel, you can immediately start making money. Certainly, Ads are annoying; that is why Web Monetization is the best way to allow your viewers to enjoy ad-free youtube content. As a user, you […]

Make money from your Apps! Web Monetization for React Apps

In June, DEV announced that DEV is web monetized. That got me thinking about Web Monetization and how to enable Web Monetization in as many websites and apps as possible so that Creators can get paid for their work, and users/consumers can enjoy an ad-free experience. As React is one of the most-used web Frameworks, I started […]

Blockchain: Digital Currency vs. Identity Currency

This was adapted from one of my lectures at the Tekedia Mini-MBA program where I taught New Technologies, Growth, Disruption Innovation. Introduction Blockchain technology revolutionizes the way we store and share data by storing data in a Secure, Flexible, and auditable way. Harvard Business Review even said it has the “Potential to create new foundations […]